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I am focussed on reducing your penalties and submitting your self assessment tax return. I can provide you with all the advice and assistance you need to ensure your tax return has been submitted correctly first time. Whether you are self-employed, rent out a property, a partner or a director of a business I can assist you in

becoming fully tax compliant and making sure you don’t pay too much tax. Although you are able to complete and submit your tax return yourself, many individuals find the process tricky and altogether quite stressful. I have years of tax experience and my advice will able to guide you through the process and make

it as easy as possible.

Self Employed Tax Return

Being self-employed requires you to keep track of your finances and disclose to HMRC what you have earned over the tax year. Many of my selfemployed clients came to me because their circumstances made the process of filling out the SA100 form tricky and time-consuming; they were also concerned about getting it wrong and incurring a fine. As a specialist tax advisor, I can ensure that not only are you fully compliant with HMRC but also that you don’t pay more tax than you have to.